Public Service Announcement: Calphalon Seems to Have Discontinued Infused Anodized Pans

Every year, in my annual holiday kitchen gift guide, I recommend Calphalon One Infused Anodized cookware.  It's a sort of nonstick hybrid where the nonstick is infused straight into the aluminum, which means that it's not true non-stick--you still get good browning, but it's easier to clean than stainless steel, and you can use metal implements and steel wool in these pans without fear.

Well, apparently Calphalon has discontinued the line.  I'm not exactly surprised--the Amazon comments are filled with angry people who didn't really read the description, and made a mess when they cooked eggs in it . . . or who don't understand why you'd pay good money for a pan that isn't even truly nonstick.  Meanwhile, the segment of the market that sees the virtue of . . . er, sticky pans . . .  has developed something of a stainless steel fetish*.    They probably couldn't get the price point and the volume that they need to make this line possible.

But if I'm not shocked, I am disappointed.  And if you're in the minority that heeded my advice and bought these pans . . . and likes them as well as I do . . . you probably want to stock up before Amazon runs out.  I just purchased a few pans that I'd always meant to get at some point.  If you've been thinking the same thing, that point is now; already, most of them are only available from private sellers, not Amazon itself.

* I know, I know. I'm languishing in the Dark Ages of aluminum pans and Stuffed Stuff with White Sauce.  So sue me.  I like aluminum pans.  And white sauce.