Goldblog on the Move

Goldblog is in the process of transferring its operations to Summer Goldblog Headquarters on Martha's Vineyard. If the President of the United States can take a vacation during this time of crisis on an island crammed with members of the oblivious ruling class, so can Goldblog. Unlike the President, Goldblog will not be staying at a 28.5 acre compound, but at his mother-in-law's house, which could use some paint and an air-conditioner. This is, of course, preferable, even without the air-conditioner, because Goldblog has a saintly mother-in-law. In fact, I feel a bit sorry for President Obama, because he doesn't get to stay with my mother-in-law. Maybe next year.

Goldblog and Mrs. Goldblog are making various stops on the way (if you consider northern Vermont on the way to Martha's Vineyard from Washington, D.C.) to collect the various junior Goldblogs at their various camps. Goldblog refers to this mini-van-based journey as the Jewish hajj.

Alas, all will not be surf-and-turf fun on the Vineyard, because, like the President's vacations, Goldblog's vacations are also filled with work. I must calm the markets, and also blog. Watch this space soon for posts on the recent terrorist attacks in Israel; on Goldblog's experience on several different Pakistan International Airways flights, and on his recent interview with Norway's foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Store. Stay tuned.