1.) Fellow nerds. I apologize for last week. Many of you come here for the race/comic books/movies/television/hip-hop/feminism talk. The Civil War lives with me, but last week I was basically married to it. (Not pleasant, ask my "other" spouse.) Sorry for the lack of diversity. I get like that when writing.

2.)Is it wrong to make oatmeal for dinner? Not the out the box instant kind--people who eat that should be shot, burned, drawn, quartered and fed to hogs. But the whole oats kind with some cranberries and raisins tossed in.

Last night I had a taste for it around dinner, and no one in the house objected. And yet somehow, it felt wrong. Like I was taking the whole "breakfast for dinner" bit--of which I am an avowed fan--a bit too far.

3.) How did I not know that Jackie Christie--Doug Christie's wife--was on Basketball Wives?

4.) How did I not know that Jackie Christie and Doug Christie already had a show on BET??