Hussein Ibish Explores The Mystery of Being Goldblog

Hussein Ibish has written a fascinating piece on, well, me. And if you don't find it fascinating, it's not Hussein's fault, it's the subject's. The point of the piece: Extremists, left and right, hate me:
Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic magazine is a fascinating case in point. He's an influential columnist and blogger with a strong ethnic Jewish perspective and a deep attachment to Israel. This makes him anathema to many Arab and Muslim Americans (I've been vilified for agreeing to be interviewed by, and later -- horror of horrors -- coauthoring an article with, him), and to many on the extreme left, including some ultraleft Jewish Americans. But he's also a strong critic of the occupation; the settlements (he has written sympathetically about settlement boycotts); Islamophobia (I'd note that his initial speculation that Islamists might have been involved in the Norway terrorist attacks was hardly out of bounds and bore no resemblance to the disgraceful ravings of Jennifer Rubin or John Podhoretz); paranoid TSA pseudo-security practices (about which he has written hilariously); and bigotry in general. This provokes the ire of a great deal of the extreme right, including the Jewish far-right. So the extremes on all sides dislike him a great deal, and they are disliking him more with every passing day.
I'm actually semi-likable, much of the time. But try telling that to the nutjobs. Anyway, read the whole thing. Maybe I'll post the whole thing, if Hussein gives me permission. As Pamela Geller well knows, I don't do anything without permission from the Ay-rabs.