Meet This Week's Bloggers

Just a quick note to introduce your talented Special Guest Bloggers:

Dr. Manhattan is the pseudonym of a securities lawyer laboring somewhere in the bowels of BigLaw.

Rachel Balsham, currently a Wharton student, formerly worked on African development issues for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and is spending her summer as a management consultant in Johannesburg.

Courtney Knapp, who has already written on Bitcoin today, is currently an analyst at Counterpoint Strategies, a corporate communications firm; her areas of expertise include energy markets, taxation, and pie.

And last but not least are the three talented bloggers from Modeled Behavior, Karl Smith, Adam Ozimek, and Niklas Blanchard. Economist Karl Smith is an associate professor at UNC's school of government, Adam Ozimek is an associate at an economics consulting firm, and Niklas Blanchard is a PhD candidate in Human Capital Management.

You're in good hands. Be nice to them.