Ads We Like: Summer in the City, S.F.-Style

San Francisco is a great place, but anyone who's been there between June and September knows that it can be freezing in the summertime. [Deliberately avoiding Mark Twain cliche here.] [Why is it so cold in the summer? Mainly because inland California is so hot. Rising air columns over the baking inland valleys intensify the wind whooshing in across the SF peninsula from the chilly Pacific.]

Lizzy Bennett,* guest blogger earlier this year, produced (and starred in) this new video tribute to the SF summertime lifestyle. It's an ad, for the "Chiller" bag from her Timbuk2 company, and it's charming. For two previous entries in the "they're ads, and they're charming" category, see this from Toyota and this from Heineken.

* For the record, Lizzy's full name is now Lizzy Bennett Fallows, and she is married to one of my sons. She's at left in the video; a Timbuk2 comrade is at right.