[Dr. Manhattan]

The convention is for guest-bloggers to introduce themselves.

So: Hello, Megan's readers.  Megan has asked me to guest-blog while she and Peter are on their well-deserved vacation, and I accepted.

I have been an occasional contributor to the business channel in the past: my bio for that section is still pretty accurate. I have otherwise been kicking around the fringes of the blogosphere for more-or-less as long as there has been a blogosphere: my hiatuses have lasted longer than most bloggers' careers. But it has all been worth it for the interactions with smart readers and writers, some of whom I now feel lucky to call friends - Megan & Peter most of all.

One additional biographical point: if any of my posts reference financial institutions, you should assume that I'm being paid in some fashion to push the institution's viewpoint - especially if you disagree with the point being made.

I will leave it to you to decide whether the above-titled lapse of reason was in her request or my acceptance.

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