When It's Easy to Be a Tough Guy

Elsewhere on the site, John Meroney has a pretty cool interview with Pete Hamill:

What was your response? 

Nothing dramatic. I didn't jump for joy because after 50 years of being a newspaperman, I realize that if you think you know what it's all about at the moment, you're usually wrong. I was also hopeful that nobody would say, "This brings closure." 

Don't you think that killing him will help Americans deal with the losses we suffered on 9/11? 

If you lost a daughter or son or father or someone at the Trade Center, it will follow you to your grave. You're never going to get rid of it just because somebody shot this asshole in the head. 

What did you think about the Daily News' headline, "Rot in Hell"? 

I wasn't thrilled by it because bin Laden couldn't see those three words. 

 But didn't you agree with the sentiment? 

 It's easy to be a tough guy when no one's going to come knocking on your door. I thought of all those people--the ones who jumped out of windows, the firemen, people running down the jammed hallways trying to get out. I thought more of them--but I'm glad they got bin Laden. I have no sympathy whatsoever for him--he was a tall rich kid who thought God talked to him. He used money he'd never earned to kill people and called it a holy mission.

Indeed. Check out the rest. I haven't read any Pete Hamill. I haven't read a lot of good stuff...