About the TSA: I was traveling a lot last week, and I chose, whenever the situation arose, to avoid the radioactive humiliation experience, and instead chose the now-traditional junk-handling one-on-one frisking spectacular. The frisk went as usual ("Now, on behalf of the people of the United States of America, I'm going to run my hand up your butt crack"), except when the TSA agent swabbed my inner thighs for explosives. We've all been swabbed, but the TSA usually runs the swab on your hands, or your carry-on bags. This time, the inner thighs. Which raised the question: Is it possible to build a bomb with just your inner thighs? Is something we should worry about, an al Qaeda bomber who, using only his thighs and a 3 oz. tube of toothpaste, could blow an airliner from the sky? (UPDATE: Goldblog reader E.B. suggests that this was an indirect way of looking for an ass-bomb. But I say, hey, if you're going to look for an ass-bomb, then don't pussy-foot around, just go look for an ass-bomb.)

And speaking of deadly weapons: I just observed a very smart Atlantic intern in our kitchen spreading hummus on a cinammon-and-raisin bagel. This is very, very wrong. I explained to her that, a) cinnammon-raisin bagels aren't technically bagels at all -- I call them "Christmas Raisin Rings," and that b) hummus doesn't belong on bagels, no matter what their provenance. She was unapologetic. Kids today, huh?

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