Late night shout-out to everyone who came out last night--especially Channing Kennedy, Jamilah King, and Julianne Hing (Basically the whole Colorlines crew.) 

But my sword is pledged to the Horde and it was really exciting to meet Doctor Jay and Fighting Words (who I apologize to, once again, for my overly sharp rebuke.) I was joking with Julianne about how hard it is to write for you guys, because you really will get called out if you say something stupid. And then you end up having to say, "Hey, I was wrong." I don't think a lot of writers are really used to that. (Frankly, I'm still adjusting.) 

But no one yelled "You're wrong!" from the audience last night, so I guess it went well. 

An Open Thread will be up in a few.

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