This will sound familiar. All kidding aside, Yoni writing for The Atlantic really epitomizes what blogging has always been about for me--the chance to interact with the wisdom of the Horde. Still sometimes, among the chorus, a singular voice rises above. It's only right that we should want to hear more.

For the record, I got to meet Yoni in person back in August. At my invitation, he drove up to the woods. We had coffee and he gave a rather stunning mini-lecture on the history of the nearby small town. What pleases me most about him publishing here, is that it verifies the democratic aspects of blogging. It's too much to say that this can be done by anyone. But for good or ill, the walls are coming down.

Also, check out the awesome guessing game from last night. Possible IDs ran the gamut from Sullivan to Alec Guinness to George Wendt. Hilarious.