Here's audio from the panel I was on down at SXSW. It really was pretty awesome. I was lucky enough to be in the company of Anthony DeRosaMolly MacAleer, and David Carr. In the main, I just tried to keep up.

The thrust of the thing was how promotion of content--via twitter, facebook, email, IM etc.--tends to eat up that portion of time where we're supposed to making content. "Eat up" is probably the wrong phrase as it implies some level of passivity. On the contrary, I think most of us enjoy the promotion aspect, which is part of the problem.

It's an issue for me because I easily spend as much time interacting with the community here, as I do making content for the site, the magazine or my book. That's depressing. Though not so much. I spend time here, in the main, because it's enjoyable. Still, I often wonder where work transitions into procrastination. I may well have achieved my life's goal of turning procrastination into work.

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