History's Greatest Monster

Some responses to the Michael Vick post--the printable ones, at least.

Vick as evil:

It really isn't good to try to defend evil by playing the race card. Too many suffer because of true racism but it devalues that arguement everytime its misused. Vick is evil his color isn't a factor his character is!!

Vick as intrinsic killer of dogs, and potential killer of humans:

Have you seen what he did to the animals in his care? Have you completely watched the video's he made of himself Smashing a dogs head onto concrete until she died, and then did it again while laughing? Have you seen the videos of him laughing and electrocuting his dogs in his pool. Look at the pictures and then read the court evidence. 

The only reason he is out of prison is because of his money, money which he is hiding among friends and family and now the courts are going after his friends and family for the five million that hes "hidden". 

He is Not reformed. The only regret he has is that he was caught. As for other players in football, I shake my head. How is it as a country when more than 25% of American children go without meals that all of those fools are paid millions of dollars to catch a ball and run up and down a field?

Please, View all of the evidence before deciding anything, on his reform. Because he hasn't and its only a matter of time before he returns to killing of any sort.

Vick as serial killer, lacking a soul:

People need to stop pulling the race card for Vick. He is POS, no matter the color of his skin. Athletes don't get a free pass to crime and heinous acts of cruelty. In fact, the fact that many many professional athletes or celebs get a free or cheap pass when charged and CONVICTED of a crime sickens me. He doesn't even qualify as a good human being in my eyes. I would never allow my children to play with his kids, go over to his house, or even watch a game that has has played in. 

 He is just as bad as a serial killer in my eyes, and the fact that YOU and others are saying that people are pissed just because he is black just shows your ignorance. The fact that you cannot see that willfully torturing, maining and inflicting ungodly pain on an innocent creature is wrong and heartless shows that you are missing a piece of your own soul. I hope that you don't have any dogs. 

Vick as lacking in humanity, and being only slightly better then a torturer of children:

Yes, he is just as bad. Anybody who willingly inflicts torture and harm and enjoys it is a disgusting excuse for a human. I don't believe that just because a dog is a dog and a human is a human, that their lives are any less worthy of living. Slowly being tortured to death is just as horrific for a dog as it is for a human. 

Also, many serial killers torture animals before they start on humans. I'm not saying Vick is going to become a serial killer, but why is it socially acceptable for an athlete to do the pre-requisites and get away with it? And still have his entire life still intact? He's still famous, still rich, still has his family, his kids, and probably some day his dogs again. How you can think that is ok is beyond me, and why you think it is a race issue is beyond me. White, black, yellow, alien, whatever. A "human" that does that sort of stuff is a piece of crap, and doesn't deserve any respect EVER. Go ahead and give this man your respect and love, instead of the creatures that can't protect or speak for themselves. Children and animals need someone to stick up for them. Sounds like it isn't you. 

Vick as a cowardly punk, who should be forced to cage fight for the rest of his life:

Educate your self on what this cowardly punk did. Why do people who have no argument come up with "a race thing". Ludicrous. It has to do with abuse and killing of animals who have feelings, who feel fear, who feel pain. Who feel love and who feel hate. These dogs didn't deserve this abuse. But Vick the asshole coward did earn prison and abuse. He should be made to cage fight every day of his life so he can understand what these animals went through. And before you ask, No, I am not white, and yes, I will fight the cowardly punk. Read what he has done, anyone who supports him is a cowardly animal abuser too.

I've written all sorts of heinous characters--murderers, slave-traders, rapists etc. But I can't recall this level of vitriol. It's actually beyond my comprehension. It's been said that the examples I cited of people wish harm and death on Vick were exceptional. They are not.

Having written some about race, I should have known, as one commenter pointed out, that no good would come from pointing it out. More directly, no good can come from writing about what you "suspect" but have no real evidence to actually prove. That was my mistake. I was wrong.

On the contrary, the hate manifested here is so visceral that it defies anything I've ever really seen--including race. It's probably a bad idea to jump into hypotheticals again. Still, I couldn't escape the sense that some of these people had, themselves, been abused.