The Beautiful Uses of Negative Space

Just a point on the house rules. Nothing spoils a conversation about the intricacies of brewing, like a blow-hard ironically exclaiming  how much they hate beer. Over the past few weeks there's been an upsurge in this kind of comment from rookies and regulars. 

Respectfully, if you hate World of Warcraft, instead of posting the equivalent of "Who cares about video games?" just wait for the next thread. Surely the fact that your spouse spends every waking hour following sports is a valid concern--but the Sunday NFL thread really isn't the place to vent. I get that you haven't followed hip-hop since "Rapper's Delight." But the thing is, no one here is asking you to follow it now. It's OK to /ignore.

We don't always need to have an answer or a comment. It's OK to just read. Or to skip a post entirely. Or to skip the blog entirely for a day, or a week, or a life,. Every post isn't engineered for everyone, nor is every blog engineered for everyone. It's OK to not comment. It's OK to not care. It's not OK to comment on how much you don't care. It's self-defeating, no?