Comment of the Day

Rob Lyman suggests, of Mrs. Obama's purported relationship to rising pedestrian deaths:

I think this is kind of awesome, in the same way that I love negative campaign ads and the cheerful people who earnestly discuss high-fructose corn syrup in 30-second spots.

To which Blighter responds:

You're going to sit there & tell me you've never had a pithy-yet-informative discussion with a friend or family member contrasting the hype about the alleged evils of high fructose corn syrup with the down-home truth about how natural & wholesome it is? Really?

Why, just this morning as I was enjoying one of the blueberry muffins my wife had made, I remarked about how glad I was to be having her home-cooked food, b/c it's blessedly free of high-fructose corn syrup, transfatty acids, & other commonly maligned bogeymen of our foody-age. Well, she came right back at me with all of the facts & figures that she had dug up last night during one of her regular exhaustive visits to the Corn Refiners Association website. I gotta tell you, it really opened my eyes about a few things...

Mostly it made me question why I had ever thought marrying such a pedantic bore might be a good idea. Well, at least there's the blueberry muffins, I suppose.

I confess, I have wondered how the corn growers settled on "the supercilious know-it-alls of the world" as their spokesmen for the wonders of corn syrup.