About That Budget Freeze

So Obama will call for a ban on earmarks tonight and a budget freeze, ABC reports -- boldly coming out on behalf of a policy he has backed for years (earmark reform) and extending the budget freeze on discretionary, non-security spending he first proposed in November from three to five years and to additional categories of spending.

From Obama's Nov. 13, 2010 weekly address:

Given the deficits that have mounted up over the past decade, we can't afford to make these investments unless we're also willing to cut what we don't need. That's why I've submitted to Congress a plan for a three-year budget freeze, and I'm prepared to offer additional savings. But as we work to reform our budget, Congress should also put some skin in the game. I agree with those Republican and Democratic members of Congress who've recently said that in these challenging days, we can't afford what are called earmarks.

See also from Jan. 6, 2009 (before he was even sworn in as president), "Obama will ban earmarks from stimulus bill," and from this past November, "Obama applauds McConnell for backing earmark ban."