Easy as Pie

This seems like the stupidest appliance ever: it makes mini pies.  Or rather, it bakes them.  You still have to make the pie first.

Now, I like pie.  But I don't really make pie often enough to have a whole appliance just dedicated to pie.  And even if I did make pie that often, I am not clear on the benefit of buying an appliance that heats up to just the perfect temperature to cook the pies, because I already have such an appliance: a GE Profile Gas Oven.  

Pie is not one of those finicky things where it's just awfully difficult to get the temperature exactly right.  The difficult part of making pie is putting together a pie crust that will not fall apart, or stick to your gums like high-test Krazy Glue, and then rolling it out into a pleasingly regular shape that can be wrapped around some filling.  The other bits--filling and baking--are simplicity itself.

But I am reminded of a quote from some UN Official:  "You Americans never make simple stupid moves.  You only make complicated stupid moves that make the rest of us wonder if we aren't missing something."  As with America, so with Williams-Sonoma, her yuppie lodestar.  I am strongly tempted to buy the thing just to see if there isn't some hidden benefit I can't discern from the ad copy.