Am I a Government Agent Set Up to Attack Ron Paul?

We report, you decide:

When did Megan McArdle become a greater expert on Monetary Policy than Ron Paul??

I dont remember her predicting the recession/depression? She's popped up afterwards as kind of sponsored "fake libertarian" whose main aim seems to be to attack Ron Paul and others who support Austrian Economics from a "libertarian" perspective.

I'm not saying she's some kind of goverment agent but if they did create an agent to discredit Ron Paul and others, he/she would say alot of things McArdle says.

My well known dislike of Ron Paul's economic policy ideas, expressed rather vehemently to Dave Weigel as a critique of his ranting about monetary policy, has triggered a lot of complaint along these lines, directed to my twitter feed (@asymmetricinfo) and my inbox.

I think the really important question here is: what agency do I work for?  Can you discern a pattern in my posts, or have I managed to throw people off trail with carefully calibrated criticism of the agency?  Inquiring minds--by which I mean the shadowy government overlords who write my performance reviews--want to know.