A Most Special Comment

Longtime readers and commenters know that no one here is more ferocious on gender then sara l_r. Indeed we've had our scraps on the subject. Thus it was with much bemusement that I peered into the Michelle Rhee thread and saw the following from Sara:

I am currently applying for jobs at schools in Harlem! Aren't you glad they might allow me to interact with your baby boy?! =P

This is funny.

I've spent much of the day trying to come up with a witty reply, something that plays off my broad knowledge of male privilege in all of its manifestations, or my impressive insights into the works of Mary Wollstonecraft. Regrettably my misogyny-addled brain couldn't muster a single pun that didn't reference "boobies!" (exclamation point included) or some joke from the 40 Year Old Virgin.

Sexism fail. Le Sigh.

Should Sara turn out to be Samori's teacher, at least we know that the son shall, in this instance, much outdistance the father.