Team Commie Represent

There's a fairly lengthy discussion in the Open Thread yesterday about blogging and feminism. It really is a fascinating read. At several moments I wanted to jump in and ask questions, and frankly, the shots at other blogs presented a dilemma. I generally don't allow, but it's an Open Thread right? You've handed over the keys right? It's like when you had a party back in college, and specific room was given over to the spliff.

Besides, I felt like my giant male--and more importantly moderating--footprint would introduce all kinds of alien bugs, and ruin the ecology. I really just wanted to watch. Given that they'll be another OT up in a few hours. I've shut off comments for yesterday's OT. Just go there and read.  If you want to continue, do it in the next OT.

That aside, the conversation on feminism, and the one on Stanley Crouch vs. Mtume, were important to me because, frankly, these are conversations I can't hold with any degree of credibility. I lack the knowledge. My hope here is twofold--1.) To write deeply about that which I wake up thinking about. 2.) To push people to write deeply, either here or in their own space, that which they go to bed thinking about. I do not wish to model content. I wish to model form.

To that end, we're a little behind technologically, here. But we're going to get better. Some of you deserve something more prominent. And some of you deserve your own room. I don't know how that would look. But it's something we talk about here.

I'm leaving comments off. Again, I'm leery of contaminating the debate.