NPR Doesn't Feel 'Comfortable' With Controversy

An anonymous NPR executive tells The Washington Post's Paul Farhi that Juan Williams' comments  brought "'a huge storm of criticism' to NPR, even though Williams spoke on Fox, according to a senior news executive who asked not to be named because NPR hadn't authorized him to speak on the record." The executive went on to say:

"Everything he says on Fox comes back to us and it has for years. We were never comfortable with his comments" on Fox. We can't make corrections or apologies for what he says there. It's very problematic."

To which I say, to this anonymous executive, so what? So what that it comes back on you? So what if you weren't comfortable? Is your job to avoid controversy at all costs? Is it NPR's job to make people comfortable? Thank God Andrew and Ta-Nehisi and Fallows and Megan and I and all the rest work for a publisher with guts. Yes, this sounds like a suck-up post, but it's true.