And Your Ability to Reason Is Swept Away

Man, I played this a lot in college. I had use for it then. The funny thing about getting old is there are emotions that you just don't really have access to anymore. For a almost ten years it was an annual ritual to see some girl and then eventually say, "Here are many good reasons why you should be having my baby," then have her reply, "Here are many better reasons why I will do no such thing." And you go through the ritual of that, the whole feeling of being eviscerated, and then your boys coming over calling the girl all kinds of names, taking you out, and then you feeling good again, only to, once again, unfurl your list.

In hindsight, part of the problem was that I had an unnatural focus on babies. But my point is that you get to somewhere in your life where that cycle ends, and where a song, while still nice, is now telling someone else's story. And I'm sure there are people here older than me, with the deck reshuffled, who've gone back to the cycle, and maybe even floated, and then gone back again.

Anyway, it's a great tune. And eff the tweed. I want Don Cornelius's suit.