The New Mutants

We've got another talented cast filling in this week, and I'm really excited to see what they bring. You guys know Alyssa Rosenberg from her work with the Culture channel, her own blog, and her guest-posting her. I'm really hoping Alyssa will talk Mad Men.

Julian Sanchez, who blogs here, is also filling in. Julian has roiled the blogesphere this year with all the talk of epistemic closure. Perhaps will see more of that, but I've asked him here to not to fill in the "even libertarian Julian Sanchez says..." role, but to hopefully as adroit a critic of the Left, as he has been this year for the right.  (I don't even know Julian calls himself a libertarian.) That said, Julian will get no objections for the occasional Limbaugh-punching.

And last, we have Ayelet Waldman, whose books are numerous and listed here. Her most recent title is Red Hook Road. Embedded below is an interview with Terry Gross, in which Ayelet covers everything from abortion to the writing life to parenting to--most riveting for me--abortion is incredible. Personally, more than any of that, Ayelet and her family were kind enough to host my family a few months back during the Coates Clan's Bay Area jaunt. It was one of the most interesting assembly of children and adults and I'd ever seen at one table. It almost rivaled the Paul Coates clan. We left reconsidering our lives in the best possible way.

At any rate, I think this will be a great week. Hopefully less trollish.