Carolyn Jensen Chadwick

An original radio talent dies

Because most people did not know Carolyn Jensen Chadwick by name -- only through hearing her work on the radio -- I wanted to mention my sadness at hearing of her death, from cancer, today.

I originally came to know her during the Jimmy Carter presidential campaign, via her first husband, Paul Jensen, who was my close friend and comrade on the campaign. We were in our mid-20s and would marvel, in our Atlanta apartments between road trips, at the lunacy that characterizes any national campaign. She and Paul, and my then very-pregnant wife and I, watched out the election-night returns with our colleagues in Atlanta in 1976 and two+ months later were together at the D.C. Armory for the Inaugural Ball -- or "Party," as I think it was called then.

I learned only later about her persistent, original, and beautiful work at NPR in creating a form of nature-sound recording that will certainly endure. Her second husband, Alex Chadwick (long of NPR), has a wonderful. loving memoir of her at the NPR site, here, which also includes this photo of her at work.


Many people will miss her, including my wife and me.