Time to Bounce

by G.D.

I want to thank the ever-gracious TNC for letting me help guest-blog here for the week. The commenters here have a rep of being smart and thoughtful. Rare is the internet cohort with whom you can thoughtfully chop it up about the Civil War, pro quarterbacking, and the finer points of beer.

Before I route, though, I'mma throw on my geek hat right quick. The most important news of this last week was the announcement that Nickelodeon is planning a follow-up series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Mild spoilers at that link.) Don't let the horrible reviews given to Shymalan's movie version trip you up --- the cartoon on which it was based is as good as any American animated series ever aired. It's an even more impressive accomplishment when you consider just how hard it it must have been to pitch it. Avatar's creators somehow managed to get Nickelodeon to sign on to a kid's show that dealt  forthrightly with the consequences of war (villages and towns completely emptied of adult men) the genocide at its center, with some pan-Asian mysticism thrown in for good measure. (The DCAU, the cartoon gold standard, was based on characters like Batman and Superman that were already iconic.) This is no mean feat.  Excellent plotting and character development, some tremendous action set pieces, and a great score. The whole series is available on Netflix Watch Instantly. Seriously. Y'all need to get up on that if you haven't already.

Alright. I hope I represented the PostBourgie fam well. Please drop in and holler at us.

Be easy.