Stuck Inside of Leadville With the Aspen Blues Again

Thanks to Goldblog reader Mike Schilling for the headline. Several correspondents, including a few inside The Atlantic, did not believe that Budget-Rent-a-Car stuck with an orange Hummer. Below is the orange Hummer.

I was very glad to get rid of it at the Denver airport. Never again, as they say. Concerning a Hummer's ability to cross Colorado's Independence Pass, one Goldblog reader writes:

Dear boy, if you made it over Independence Pass in a Hummer without sliding backwards into the abyss below, you should be thanking your lucky stars.  Of course if you had tumbled over, at least the bright orange paint job would have made it easier for searchers to find the remains.
I remember my own first drive over the Pass.  As we approached it from Twin Lakes, I pointed up into the clouds and snickered at those poor fools in their cars way up there.  What kind of crazies would drive on a road like that?  It wasn't until we got closer that I realized it was crazies like us.

orange hummer450x300.jpg