When Did Making Fried Chicken Get So Hard?

Not that I'm able to make much these days. Still, when I was kid and first learned my way around the kitchen, the sense was that part of the beauty of fried chicken  was its simplicity--some flour, egg, salt, pepper, and maybe some kind of herbalism. If you were fancy you had thyme, but most negroes were fine with Season-All. Hook up some potato salad real quick, and you were on.

These days, when I look up a fried chicken recipe it tends to be a 48-hour affair including brining, buttermilk, bay-leaves, and double-binding.  When did this happen? Were we all eating bad fried chicken as kids? Is this a nefarious plan to get us to cut back on fatty foods? It's definitely working. The one advantage of all these new and complicated recipes, is that they're so much work, that I can only see myself frying a chicken once a decade.