What I Saw at the Wedding

[Tony Woodlief]

The ceremony was lovely, the bride radiant, the groom beaming. What followed were drinks, delicious food, dancing, and more drinks. Many more drinks, in some cases. A bit of advice for my co-guest bloggers: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

As for Megan and Peter, here are two people, it is plain for all to see, who make one another deliriously happy. The room was filled with brilliant, snarky people, many of them paid to analyze or critique, nearly all of them familiar enough with politics and human nature to spot sentimentality and cons and prevarication a mile off. But watching the newlyweds dance, we were all of us, it seemed, mesmerized by a lovingkindness utterly unsophisticated, entirely without pretense, and sweetly, touchingly innocent. It takes something to make a roomful of intellectuals and sophisticates sigh. I, for one, would like to live in a world where more people love one another like that.

Blessings, Megan and Peter.