A Day Late and a Present Short

[Tony Woodlief]

Hi folks, I'm Tony Woodlief, writer by dark morning, non-profit management consultant by day, dad of four sweet but very troublesome boys by night. I mostly write about the exploits of my children, my many disagreements with God, and oddities like the inability of McDonald's to properly apportion pickles on a hamburger (here's a hint: they shouldn't all be stacked one atop another). But occasionally I have an opinion about business and economics, and so I'll try to stick with that here.

Try is really the operative word.

Other stuff: I've had essays in places like The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, and World Magazine, and I have a book out just recently, titled Somewhere More Holy. I live on twenty acres outside a little Kansas town, where I shoot snakes on sight. Like my younger, more distinguished, and better looking co-guest bloggers, I also have a dog -- two, in fact -- but unlike some of my co-hosts, I am perfectly willing to blame my dogs for anything I write that offends you. The truth is, I get most of my worst ideas from them, and it's time they start shouldering some responsibility for that.

I'd like to write more, but I just remembered that I have yet to buy a wedding gift for Megan and Peter. I'm torn between a leather-bound copy of Human Action and a nice ratchet set.