Some Links

Europe's other elections. Joerg Forbrig, German Marshall Fund. Is Europe trending right?

Was it really a bubble? Casey Mulligan, NYT. Not as much as you might think.

Why charter schools fail the test. Charles Murray, NYT. Because the test measures the wrong things.

Attention, Whole Foods shoppers. Robert Paarlberg, Foreign Policy. The delusions of compassionate eating.

No VIP visas for fashion models. Erika Lovley and Marin Cogan, Politico. Another immigration injustice. Strangely ineligible for the O-visa ("alien of extraordinary ability"), quota-capped by the H1-B, foreign models must pose abroad in front of Manhattan backdrops, or get the Grand Canyon Photoshopped in. The case for a Whoa-visa ("exceptionally good-looking alien"; renewable annually to age 28 on personal application to consulate, BMI not to exceed 18) is self-evident. Congress refuses.