Some Links

Helping low-income workers. Gene Steuerle, Urban Institute. More could and should be done to help childless low-paid workers, a long-neglected group.

Wingnuts and pollsters. Mark Blumenthal, National Journal. I commented on the Harris poll on conservative nutcases a few posts back. Here's an informed critique, with helpful additional links.

Is America a low-tax country? Greg Mankiw. By international standards, taxes in the US are low as a proportion of GDP; but GDP is high, so taxes per person are middling. An unsurprising point, you might think, yet Mankiw has stirred debate by stating it. See Scott Sumner. I continue to believe that the most important thing about the US tax system is that its marginal rates are high (and set to rise further) in relation to revenue raised.The system is needlessly damaging.