I still get them watching this. The lovely thing is that my whole fam is into football. I was watching this game with my son when the Titans got the ball at the one. When they got to about their own 30 or so, I yelled to Kenyatta, who was in the other room study, "Baby, come watch this, I think Vince might be about to do something." As a sidenote, my son loves Vince and had been asking all season when they were going to let him play.

So we watched this together. What I most remember is how my son's eyes looked when Britt caught that past. Fishbowls. Big as fishbowls. We have a family football memories--me and Kenyatta driving up 95, listening to the Music City Miracle. It was such a weird thing to experience via radio. You couldn't hear the announcers, just the stadium roaring and we kept wondering what had happened. Seeing Devin Hester, a few years back, return to touchdowns against Denver. Watching the boy break down and cry after Tom Brady came back (as he so often does) and assassinated some hapless team on their way to 16-0. 

It's funny watching this now. You see a few errant passes, and you see how this could have gone another way. That's to take nothing away from Young. I think that's generally true in a lot of big football games.