Web Site Paradise Restored!

A new (old) look and feel for the Atlantic's personal-blog pages.

My sincere thanks to my colleagues Bob Cohn, Betsy Ebersole, and Scott Havens, plus their comrades on our tech team, for an unbelievably fast re-design of last Friday's major website re-design, which has restored the "personal" blog pages to their former look and feel.

(The Atlantic's edit and web teams, shown together in our offices this afternoon:)

Seriously, this has been an unexpectedly hectic couple of days here in Atlantic-land. But it says something important -- and true -- about the character of our organization, and the commitment of all its different branches to pull together, that Bob, Betsy, Scott, et al were so were so willing to reconsider the effects of a very long-in-gestation strategic shift in web architecture, and to make large changes in less than one full business day. And meanwhile to retain all the other smart, attractive, and necessary improvements of this new design. 

Congratulations, and thanks. And soon, back to talking about .PSTs, airplanes, and beer.