Taking Names. Melting Faces.

I was really grateful for Jim, and Bob, piping up in the redesign thread. But Jim's comment inadvertently made a great point about maintaining community. Brucds who's been commenting here for a long time, and is evidently a Jim Fallows went all Chuck Norris on him:

I just want to underscore this with one salient fact. Fallows DID NOT scam a jpeg of Christopher Walken off of the internet for his comment pic. That's the dude. The redesign team would do well to make amends with Fallows before all hell breaks loose...


One more thing: according to his bio Fallows - who is like my favorite writer at the Atlantic after TNC's blog - was a program designer at Microsoft. Which means that he has the key to turning your life on the internets into complete shit. He's also an instrument rated pilot, which means he's a one man WMD if he so desires. And he's spent years building a network in China that you do not want to know about. Do what he asks...if you know what's good for you! Most days, he's a sweetheart and smart as a whip. But don't press your luck...

Which prompted:

If you can see James Fallows, he can see you. If you can't see James Fallows, you may be only seconds away from death.

Heh. The Chuck Norris jokes became in poor taste once we found out that he was, like, a birther.

OK, so they were passe long before that. Vin Diesel and Ving Rhames didn't cut it as fill-ins either. But in the spirit of the moment I just need you go know that, we here at Atlantis are well aware that Jim Fallows is not to be trifled with, that the man does not sleep. He only waits. We don't want him angry.