Some Links

The fable of Emanuel the Great. David Broder, Washington Post. Broder quarrels with Dana Milbank's view--"a remarkable fiction", he calls it--that Rahm Emanuel is the only voice of reason in the White House.

It's Emanuel who's dangerous to the presidency. Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post. She goes further in repudiating Milbank, reviving the previous line that Emanuel is the problem. Interesting to see that the Post now has all bases covered. Her reasoning, though, is hard to follow. She blames Emanuel for masterminding the elections of 2006 and turning so many seats Democratic. That sapped the party's progressive resolve. Maintaining that resolve, even if it means losing elections, is apparently the main thing. Republicans endorse this analysis. I think I know what Emanuel would call it. (I could never endorse such incivility.)

Ed Luce interviews Richard Holbrooke. FT. Holbrooke's assessment of prospects in Afghanistan is not exactly upbeat.