Andrew flagged this quote from Andy McCarthy:

I believe many of the attorneys who volunteered their services to al Qaeda were, in fact, pro-Qaeda or, at the very least, pro-Islamist.

Islamism is a much broader and more mainstream (in Islam) ideology than suggested by the surprisingly ill-informed comments Charles Krauthammer made about a week ago (see Dr. K's commentary here; Mark Steyn's reaction, with which I agree, is here.) Jihadist terrorists are a subset of the Islamists, but many Islamists disagree with the terrorists' means -- they are mostly on the same page as far as ends are concerned. 

Personally, I don't think there is much difference, if any, between Islam and Islamism.

This is, like, one of the reasons why when people start talking about a primary challenge for Obama, or claim that Obama is no different than Bush/Cheney, I can't really engage. The choice seems quite clear. We will either have the guy we have for the next eight years, or we'll have people who think torture should always be on the table, and that there are people working in the Justice Department who are actively conspiring to destroy this country.