Changing How You Eat In Four Acts

1.) The chick-pea is an amazing, amazing thing. Seriously. It does it a disservice to call it a "meat replacement." It really is it's own wonderful thing. In Bittman fashion, I've been mashing and tossing them with some some onion, an egg, some bread crumbs and frying them up as fritters. Awesome-sauce.

2.) I think, given the option, I'll take a tofu scramble over scrambled eggs. This isn't really a point about policy or nutrition. For some reasons eggs go down really heavy on me. Maybe I should be eating one instead of two, I don't know. But I actually feel better after eating, say, scrambled tofu and mushrooms. But I suspect that's personal. I wouldn't expect others to feel the same.

3.) The hardest thing to cut back on will be my daily diet of Diet Coke. I kind of love Diet Coke, and note even as a Coke substitute, but for it's own wacky, artificial flavor. I drink too much of it though. It's going to be really hard. 

4.) Vaguely related to the awesomeness of the chick-pea, Maoz is awesome. If you're in NY in Philly try them out. The whole fam is addicted.