Not that she needs anymore, but I really think Larissa MacFarqhar's piece on Paul Krugman was outstanding, mostly because it wasn't just about Paul Krugman. I think, with a lot of writers, the wife/partner is an essential unseen hand working on the page. Yet I can't remember another profile that really brought that home like this one.

Krugman is clearly the subject, but MacFarqhar really worked hard to show how Krugman's wife is essential to the process. I'm sure there is some sort of feminist interpretation of this kind of thing. All I can say is just struck me as honest. It just felt true. Very few people do it alone.

On a personal note, I love how MacFarqhar slipped in the fact that Krugman's wife is African-American. It wasn't something to be dwelled on or explained. It just was--as it so often is.