Emmy nominations for Bob Schapiro!

Last year our site ran a large number of clips from the multi-CD series "Doing Business in China." At the moment I can't link to any of them, because of issues with our new web design. But I can say that Bob Schapiro, the director and guiding spirit, has (along with the rest of us) just been nominated for two NY Emmys for this series. Really impressive one is for "Best Documentary," in a field with 1600+ submissions. [Please click for more.)

Because Bob and his associates poured their hearts, energies, minds, and fortunes into this effort, this recognition is really wonderful and well deserved. I am free to say this because I came into the project only after Bob and others had done extensive travels around China for interviewing and taping. Here is the official lineup for the series, as listed in the NY Emmy news release: "Bob Schapiro, Writer/Director/Executive Producer; Dovar Chen, Producer; James Fallows, Editorial Supervisor/Host; Emily Chang, Host; Hisayo Kushida, Editor; Marc Schain, Associate Producer; Jonathan Perkins, Original Music; Emil Adler, Composer, Main Theme." Sincere congratulations to these comrades, who were a pleasure to work with.