Clash of the Titans: Holy Father vs TSA

Maybe this is widely known, but I hadn't heard until recently that Benedict XVI had joined the ranks of critics of the TSA:


Details here. Now perhaps I can dare hope for an Encyclical about the inanity of the repetitive "current threat level is Orange" robo-broadcasts, or even a Papal Bull addressing the deeper illogic of today's airport-screening exercise in security-theater.

"Your pallium and zucchetto must be off and in the bin. I'm talking to you, sir! All velvet or satin slippers must be on the belt, not in a bin. And this flask -- does it hold more than four ounces of anointing oil? Please step over here..."

[If you're tempted to write, no disrespect meant toward any religious figure mentioned here. I have a different sort of criticism in mind.]