Blue America

Here's hoping you like the new design around these parts. The first issue of the redesigned and revamped magazine will be out within a week, and if for some reason you've never cottoned to the OnDeadTree Atlantic, I recommend picking it up on the newsstand and giving it a chance. (If you enjoy the blogs and feel guilty that you're getting all this great content for free, I even recommend subscribing.) My sole contribution to all this gorgeous retro-ness was to insist, with the aggrieved air of Steve Buscemi whining about his alias in Reservoir Dogs, that I wanted my blog's color to be blue. The fact that conservative America has been saddled - thanks to the vagaries of network-news color schemes and the closeness of the '00 election - with a hue long associated with international Communism and its enablers, while American liberalism gets to claim the color of the sea, the sky, and Frank Sinatra's eyes, is a small but obnoxious outrage, and as the Right prepares to enter the political wilderness I'm proud to do my part to at least reclaim our rightful color.