My pre-teen years were spent at something of a remove from American popular culture (which may explain my somewhat unhealthy interest in celebrity gossip as an adult), and my first exposure to a lot of the Eighties and early-Nineties music that my peers took for granted as the soundtrack of their youth came through the various Weird Al Yankovic albums that a fellow dork pressed on me in middle school. So when most Americans hear certain song hooks and think "Michael Jackson!" or "Aerosmith!" or "Red Hot Chili Peppers!," my first thought tends to be: "Eat It!" or "Livin' in the Fridge!" or "the Bedrock Anthem!" 

I'm not terribly proud of this fact, but there it is - and suffice to say, I very much enjoyed Wired's new Weird Al profile, and I think that you might too, even if you didn't have the bizarre experience of listening to his parodies before you listened to the original songs.

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