Sarah Palin, Hypocrite?

Sarah Palin, as you may heard, is pro-life. You may have also heard that Sarah Palin's unborn child was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, and that Palin went ahead with the pregnancy rather than procuring an abortion. This, of course, makes her ... wait for it ... a hypocrite:

We could ask, given that Palin had no doubts about seeing her pregnancy through, why she bothered to take a genetic test. Why not, as you might expect a woman in her position and with her outspoken beliefs to do, decline any testing or counseling? Of course, it seems very reasonable to want to know about the health of your baby and to have time to prepare (emotionally and otherwise) for a baby that may have a genetic disorder. But that doesn't negate the fact that by having a blood test, Palin was given a choice about what to do.

 ... Her supporters say that Trig signals that she practices what she preaches. But her  decision to have him is also a sign of her hypocrisy.

Humpty-Dumpty would be so proud.