The Pathos of Bill Clinton

These comments will get the most attention, but I wanted to highlight this quote, from a Byron York conversation with a Friend of the Clintons:

I asked whether Team Clinton appreciated Michelle Obama's mention in last night's speech.  "Yes, the line was appreciated," I was told.  "It was only one sentence, it could have been a bit more than one sentence, but it was appreciated."  

"However," the source continued, "we had a two-term president who left with a 65 percent approval rating, who Barack Obama forgot to mention when he described Ronald Reagan as a transformational figure, and who was not mentioned at all by Michelle Obama."

It isn't the bitterness about not being mentioned by the Obamas that's striking; it's the insistence on reminding us all exactly where Clinton's approval rating stood when he left office. At 65 percent! Higher than Truman! Higher than Eisenhower! As high as Reagan and Roosevelt! We'll never be allowed to forget it: Clinton will be on his deathbed, with the obituarists circling, and he'll reach out and grab a flunky's wrist and hiss: Remind the Times that I was up over 65 percent, dammit! And the Times will duly remind its readers of the figure. And nobody, then as now, will care.