The Lies of Jonathan Chait

Somehow I missed this outrageous smear (probably because I was still icing my sprained ankle when it went up):

On Saturday, TNR beat a combined Atlantic Monthly/National Journal squad in softball 10-9 in a 10-inning thriller. The highlight of the game was Ross Douthat injuring himself while--this is true--attempting to wave home a runner while coaching third base. (Those worried about the future of theoconservatism and right-of-center populist reform will be happy to learn that Douthat limped off the field but later returned.)

Attempting to wave home a runner? Let's just be clear about this: I twisted my angle while leaping up and down to celebrate having successfully waved a runner - the tying runner, I might add, with two outs in the bottom of the last inning - home all the way from first (a gutsy call, in other words, worthy of the greatest third base coaches of all time) on an error by TNR's third baseman. I trust Frank Foer has already ordered an internal investigation at his publication to determine how this outrageous slander slipped by the fact-checkers.