Credit Where Credit Is Due

Grand New Party draws very heavily on secondary sources, which means not only studies and reports but also books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, and so forth, and as a result we attempted to give nods throughout not only to the direct sources for data, policy ideas, anecdotes, etc., but also to the writers who called them to our attention in the first place. And so I should apologize to Steve Sailer, who correctly suggests that a passage about the UK's crime and illegitimacy rates, which appears on page 161 of GNP, draws on data points that I first encountered in an April 2005 column he wrote about the British working class. I should add that failing to credit Steve for calling the data in question to our attention was entirely my oversight, and not Reihan's; if there's another edition of the book at some point, I'll make sure that the oversight is corrected.