But he knows that I'm destroying conservatism. (I'm in good company.)

Look, Rush has a serious and principled point: Maybe conservatives shouldn't try to reform the welfare state; maybe the lesson of the Bush years is that you just can't achieve conservative ends within the framework that FDR and company built; maybe Reihan and I are just government-loving quislings. But like Daniel Larison, it seems to me that if Rush really believes this, he shouldn't be wasting his time with the modern Reagan-Gingrich-Bush GOP at all - it's just a pack of quislings from start to finish. There's only one contemporary politician who would pass Limbaugh's stringent purity test, and his name is Ronald Paul.

But hey - maybe I'm wrong. And if Rush cares so much about the future of conservatism, I'm sure he'll be happy to have me and Reihan as guests on his high-rated radio program, so he can publicly set us straight.

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