Grand New Party


You may have heard that Reihan and I have co-authored a book. You may not, however, have heard that Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class And Save The American Dream is actually available for purchase as of today, both in your local bookstore and over the internet. If you really, really enjoy this blog, you'll probably enjoy the book, so you strongly consider buying it. Likewise, if you really, really hate this blog, and keeping coming back just to see what horrifying thing I'll say next, you should probably consider buying it as well: It'll be two hundred and fifty pages of pure hathetic joy (and you should feel free, of course, to scribble imprecations in the margins).

I don't think I'm going to manage Jonah Goldberg's achievement of replying to almost every reviewer (here are two early reviews, if you're interested), but there will probably be a fair amount of Grand New Party-related chatter around these parts for the next couple weeks - so if this post hasn't persuaded you to buy the book, rest assured that I'll be back to try again soon enough. Also, Reihan and I will be on NPR's On Point this morning at 11 AM, and we'll also be talking about the book tomorrow night at the Borders at 18th and L Street in Washington, so if you're in the neighborhood feel free to stop by and hurl tomatoes, or whatever fruit or vegetable you prefer.