Larison and Jonah weigh in on that Michael Franc piece on campaign giving I just linked to (and make similar points, in a rare convergence). Meanwhile, Matt emails to say that he's having trouble duplicating Franc's results:

I just went over to the FEC website and did a search for contributions from people who listed their occupation as "electrician" and I didn't come up with any donations to any GOP presidential candidates. Overwhelmingly, electricians seem to have given money to the IBEW PAC. I ran it with "carpenter" in the employer field and the overall contributions there seem to favor Democratic presidential candidates and a lot of the Giuliani donors don't seem to actually be carpenters but instead folks like Jeff Corben who have "Carpenter Hazlewood LLC / Attorney" in their employer/occupation field.

Maybe he's looking in the wrong place, but it would be helpful if Franc could provide some more details on his data.