The Obama Effect

Via Marc, I think that the explanation Mark Blumenthal advances to explain why increasing numbers of Republicans are pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton - that they're taking the opportunity to express a strong preference for a Clinton Presidency over an Obama Presidency, even though they might ultimately go for McCain in the general election - makes a lot more sense than the "Limbaugh effect" theory, in which GOP voters are cynically trying to prolong the Democratic race and ensure that the Dems nominate the least electable candidate. Obviously, these two explanations aren't mutually exclusive: One could prefer having Hillary in the White House and believe that she'd be easier to beat come November, especially after a bloody primary campaign. But if we're hazarding a guess as to which motive matters most, I'd plump for the more straightforward one, and assume that in most cases someone who votes for Hillary over Obama does so because, well, they prefer Hillary to Obama.